Advertise Using Mobile Marketing

There's An App For That! Mobile Marketing

In 2011, there were an estimated 449-million smartphone users. That number continues to increase at unbelievable rates on a daily basis. It is no surprise that most people have a mobile phone with them almost twenty-four hours per day. Smartphones are quickly taking the place of PCs by allowing mobility and instant access to social networks, text messages, financial services, personal calendars, and online shopping. Many business owners are confronting the reality that they need to adopt a mobile marketing plan to continue to meet consumer demand. Mobile marketing merges shopper marketing, promotion, CRM, and social networking to bring consumers information they need right on their mobile phone.

Shopper Interaction

Mobile marketing allows shoppers to search for product information, access reviews, compare prices, and locate the nearest retailer once they have made a purchase decision. Once in store and ready to purchase, they often use their mobile phone to access financial information such as loyalty programs, coupons, or check credit card information. Consumers who are able to successfully access and navigate a mobile site are more likely to make a purchase. Mobile apps can also assist in engaging customers further increasing the likelihood for repeat business. The more you can engage your customers, the greater the possibility they will return your one on one attention with repeat business.

Promoting Your Business

Simply putting up a mobile website or offering a mobile app does not guarantee anyone will see it or use it should they visit. Mobile-friendly websites are not simply a copy of your standard store site. Mobile friendly sites should be simple, uncluttered, and easy to navigate. Once you have a mobile-friendly site you must have a plan to promote the site and encourage interaction and customer engagement through contests, special promotions, targeted offers, and ongoing special incentives. With proper promotion, your mobile marketing can drive prospects to your site, increase brand awareness, and grow both your virtual and physical business stores. Mobile apps allow instant access on smartphones without the need to be concerned with the potential of a slow mobile web connection.

Consumer Relationship Management (CRM)

Because of the personal connection in mobile communication, customer relationships are the key to building a strong customer base. By interacting with your customers and encouraging them to provide feedback and insight into the products or services they want or need, you can be in a great position to provide your customers with what they want when they want it. CRM allows you to track spending habits, personal preferences, and more using multiple databases. With timely and precise CRM, you can target promotions to specific consumers. Specifically targeted promotions allow you to meet consumer needs well ahead of your competitors.

Social Networking to Build Brands and Relationships

With the astronomical growth of social networks such as Facebook, consumers use their mobile devices to stay connected. Smartphones make it easy to check email, text messages, tweets, share photos, or check bank balances throughout the day. More people also have discovered the convenience of comparing product costs, downloading discount codes, or accessing fan or business pages for special promotions or discounts. The easy access from a smartphone makes it possible to connect with your target audience in real-time to offer time sensitive or location-based deals by posting them on a fan page or business page on a social network site or sending out a tweet. Many promotions done on a social network sight are passed along to friends, re-tweeted, or commented on further increasing your outreach.

QR Codes Offer Quick Access

Those black and white square barcodes that are popping up are called QR or Quick Response codes (because they offer quick and easy access to data such as product information, events, discount codes, or other information.) Most smartphones have QR code scanners already downloaded. QR codes are unique in that they offer a hyperlink between print and online information. By including a small pixelated barcode on a print advertisement or product display consumers can scan the barcode and be directed to a mobile-friendly site or simply read more information as a text message. QR codes can be used to share discount codes, or special offers as well as business contact information.

NFC communication and Mobile Banking

Near field communication or NFC technology allows consumers to make a purchase with a smartphone without accessing the mobile web. Near field communication uses a special radio frequency chip to allow users to share small bits of information across short distances. However, NFC has seen limited use due in part to security concerns as well as the scarcity of NFC enabled smartphones. However, security concerns are being addressed through education and public awareness, and most smartphone manufacturers are now releasing phones with NFC technology all ready to activate. Accessible NFC enabled phones combined with mobile-friendly websites and mobile marketing promotions will continue to increase online shopping. Smart marketers will adopt these technologies to expand their markets by meeting consumer’s demand for instant access to products, goods, and services.