Emerging NFC Technology Offers an Exciting Future

Near Field Communication

Near Field Communication, or NFC, is an emerging technology that provides a unique way for wireless devices to interact with each other. It permits data exchange and transactions to occur over short distances. Phones and other mobile devices, that have a chip, can talk to each other. NFC relies on short range wireless technology to pass data between devices. The distance that is required for data transmittal is usuallly in the range of 4 cm. The data is encrypted for the safety of all parties. Many analysts foresee a future when all sales are conducted with this type of technology. There are already many smarphones that are designed with NFC technology. They can communicate with a number of other devices. Point of sale terminals are also in existence that use this type of technology.
NFC was invented in 2002 by NXP Semiconductors and Sony. Most analysts predict that this will be the future of cash transactions. Many smartphones and other mobile devices are already fully compatible with this technology. Credit card and bank account information are things that can be communicated between a user's phone and a point of sale terminal. These devices rely on short range wireless technology to pass data between back and forth. Many stores throughout the world already allow consumers to use this technology to pay for their goods. A point of sale terminal has an NFC card that allows it to read the credit card or bank account information from a consumer's smartphone. The purchase amount can then be applied to the account. Many countries have fully embraced this technology, and it's rapidly expanding.
Security concerns are handled by the close proximity that is needed for communication to take place. The wireless transmittal will only occur between devices that are within a few centimeters of each other. The data is also encrypted to ensure maximum protection. Many people are still worried about the effects of prying devices. This is one of the main reasons that this technology is not more widespread.
NFC is an emerging technology that can be used to transmit data between mobile devices. Most analysts predict that this will be the most common way to pay for things in the future. There are already numerous programs in existence throughout the world that are using this technology. NFC is a technology that allows devices to talk to each other over very close distances. They do this through the use of radio waves. Smartphones and other wireless devices will be able to talk to each other. They will also be able to relay data to anything that has one of these chips.