Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology

Near Field Technology (NFC)

NFC, Near Field Technology, has many practical applications, and there are more things being developed for this technology on a daily basis. This is a technology that permits data transmittal over short distances. It is similar to the blue-tooth technology that is already in widespread use. NFC relies on radio waves to transmit data. This occurs over a close range, and most transmissions occur at distances less than 4 cm. Many applications have already been developed for this technology, and more are beind devised every day. Smartphones, that have an NFC chip, will be able to hold and transmit a stunning amount of data.
Bank and credit card accounts are one thing that can already be transmitted with this type of technology. Many places throughout the world already permit consumers to pay for a number of things with their phones. Public transit in New York and Los Angeles provides this option to consumers. Many countries around the world have also implemented programs that allow consumers to pay for a variety of goods and services with the information that is in their phones.
Smartphones will also be able to contain identification documents too. Many large firms will enable visitors and employees to enter their premises by simply waving their phones at a security booth. This phone will tell the booth everything it needs to know about the person. Interpersonal communication will also be facilitated with this technology. Business executives could exchange contact information with each other simply by touching phones. Social media sites can also be tied to this technology, and the applications that are possible are staggering. Many designers have already made smart posters. These posters could advertise a concert and sell tickets. A person simply needs to wave their phones, and they can purchase a seat at the show.
NFC technology is promising to bring some exciting changes to the world. This wireless technology is already being used in many areas. Countries around the world have enabled consumers to use this technology to pay for a number of things. This technology will allow a variety of devices to be able to communicate with phones. Anything that has an NFC chip will be able to transmit data to a smartphone. The opportunities that are available for this new technology are endless. Smartphones and electronic devices will be able to send and receive data. This can have practical applications. Many experts predict that this will be the future of business. Contact information can be stored in phones, and they can be touched to pass numbers and other data along.