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URL Shorteners

URL shorteners have been devloped to faciltate accessibility issues. A URL is the address that takes visitors to a web site. Many of these addresses consist of hundred of characters. Mobile electronic devices often have a hard time reaching these pages. Social media sites also limit the number of characters that can be included in a link. Most tweets only allow a link to consist of 20 characters. These issues have prompted a need in the internet community for URL's to be made shorter. There are a number of firms that can provide this solution. Some of them use countries, like Tonga and Libya, to originate the web site addresses. There are many pages available from these host countries. There are also sites that are devoted to a variety of technologies to achieve the same results.
One of the ramifications of social media sites is the difficulty in posting links. Many of these sites only provide 20 characters to be used in a link. These means that any URL longer than 20 characters is inaccessible. Any site that has an address over this amount will unable to be linked through these social media sites. For this reason, many firms choose to have their addresses shortened. This is a great solution to the problem of accessibility with social media links.
Many people are often forced to cut and paste URL's when they're surfing the web. It is virutally impossible to enter addresses that consist of hundreds of characters. The only reliable way to enter this address is to use a copy and paste technique. There are simply too many errors that occur when this is done in other ways. This problem is eliminated when a URL shortener is used. Many firms provide this service.
There are several professional companies on the internet that specialize in providing this type of service. They have made their name by supplying this service. One site noted in a single month in 2009, there were billions of visitors to sites that employed a URL shortener. The benefits to these services is tremendous, and many firms choose to use this type of technology to enhance their landing page's accessibility.
URL shorteners have been designed to address the problems of web addresses. Many of these addresses are hundreds of characters long. Unfortunately, most social media sites only allow 20 characters to be displayed in links. In this situation, sites with long URL's are inaccessible through these platforms. A URL shortener can solve this problem. There are many firms that provide this service, and they use a variety of technology to make a URL more accessible.